2022 - CIEE (online)

Alaska Collection Denali Cabins Milepost 229


Denali National Park, Alaska

5.25 - 29 to 9.10 - 17

Prep Cook/Dishwasher, Room Attendant

End of season bonus!


Have you dreamed of exploring the great Alaska wilderness, or working and playing near Denali National Park? If so, Denali Cabins can offer you the ultimate in seasonal employment. We are always looking for adventurous, hardworking, conscientious people. Established in 1984, Denali Cabins is an Alaska based company committed to providing guests with traditional Alaskan lodging. We own and operate two Denali properties with one located in the heart of Denali Nat’l Park, as well as a community of Cabins just outside of the Park entrance. In addition to the lodging, we conduct daily bus tours to Kantishna, a historic mining community 92 miles inside Denali National Park. Denali is a majestic place full of adventure, wilderness, animals and more. Denali is remote and surrounded by glaciers, tundra, wildlife, hiking, berry picking opportunities, bicycles and nature walks, lakes and rivers.


Alaska Collection Denali is looking for:

BONUS – 5% of wages earned for contract completion, 10% years following


Free housing and meals! Denali Cabins team members will stay in employee housing on-site. Each housing unit is designed for 1 to 4 occupants. Assignment of housing is determined by your Manager from the results of your housing survey. (This will be emailed to you at a later date, and it is important to complete the survey as soon as possible after you receive it). All of our housing is powered by a generator/solar battery system. A pillow, bedding, bath linens and laundry detergent are provided for you. All rooms have wood floors, elevated bed platforms, heaters, and a place to hang clothes. These are dorm style rooms and do not have a microwave, refrigerator, or coffee maker in them. Three meals a day are provided in the Employee Dining Room (EDR). 


The perks of working at Alaska Collection Denali:

  • FREE housing and meals!
  • BONUS!
  • 4th of July BBQ
  • Tours into Denali National Park
  • Shopping trips to Fairbanks
  • Encourage participation in Promise to Place Campaign
  • Discounted at our other Pursuit Properties in Denali, Talkeetna and Seward