CIEE (online)

Boardwalk Restaurant

$11.80/h non-tipped; $7.50/h tipped

Lake George, NY

5.25 - 6.10 to 9.07 - 25

Busser, Host/Hostess, Cook/Prep Cook, Dishwasher

Live and work in beautiful Lake George, NY

OFFERED, $90-120/week, $200 deposit

The Lake George Boardwalk Restaurant and Bar offers beautiful views of Lake George.
Great atmosphere, Live entertainment, summer fun and relax,this is all that guests need for a great lunch or dinner.

Lake George, NY is an ideal place to spend summer time. There are a lot of international and American tourists and they plenty to do during free time including swimming, mini golf, going out to eat, and going to a local amusement park. Lake George NY is a long, narrow lake located at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. It has great beautiful views of the Adirondacks and is an ideal spot for nature lovers.


The Lake George Boardwalk Restaurant is looking for:


The housing is provided through a 3rd party. Students will need to connect with Dan Courtney [please see job offer details] after they are hired to save a slot in his housing complex. Housing is provided for the whole summer season. Housing is collected on the 1st and 15th of the month. Students will have their own beds, bathrooms, wifi, microwave, community kitchen, a/c, washer and dryer. There are 3 beds in every room. Given the nature of the space, we cannot accommodate couples. There is a $200 security deposit that is refunded at the end of the summer when the room is cleaned and if student stays the entire summer. Leaving earlier than the last date agreed upon will mean you will lose you security deposit. Students are welcome to secure alternate housing.

Minimum Average Cost Per Week: $90. Maximum Average Cost Per Week: $120


  • Live and work in beautiful Lake George, NY
  • Free meal with every 8 hour shift
  • Employer offers a reward program with free admission to up to 30 different cultural and tourist sites within the Lake George and Adirondack region.