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Chateau On The Lake Resort


Branson, Missouri

6.10 - 30 to 9.20 - 25

Room Attn, Laundry Attn, Kitchen Steward/Dishwasher

Branson is a popular tourist destination and there are hundreds of J-1 students

NOT PROVIDED (employer helps with leads)


Chateau on the Lake Resort is a five-star upscale resort located in Branson, Missouri on a stunning, beautiful lakefront location. Chateau on the Lake offers a fun, engaging work experience at a high end resort. They are looking for staff members that are committed to providing each and every guest with an extraordinary level of service. 

Branson, Missouri, is located 40 miles south of Springfield in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in the southwest of the state. Branson is a popular tourist destination and there are hundreds of J-1 students that work in this community in the summer time. Students like working in Branson because there are affordable housing options and are lots of affordable options for summer fun like swimming in area lakes, hiking, amusement parks, water parks, and shopping! Here you will find more things you can do in Branson.


Chateau On The Lake Resort is looking for:

  • Room Attendant – $9.75/h
  • Laundry Attendant – $9.75/h
  • Kitchen Steward/Dishwasher – $9.75/h


Housing is not provided but employer will arranging rooms for students in Branson. Last summer students paid an averange of $65 – 150/week, depending on where they choose to live.


The perks of working at Chateau On The Lake Resort:

  • Work with over 200 employees, both Americans and other J-1 students
  • Spend your days off swimming, hiking, shopping, or having fun at amusement and water parks!
  • Free meals on Wednesdays