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Panera Bread 18423 Bryan Drive

bakery café

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

6.02 - 09 to 9.04 - 11

Food & Beverage


Welcome to Rehoboth Beach!  The one square mile community is located in the mid-Atlantic and is the largest beach resort in the State of Delaware. Known as the “Nation’s Summer Capital”. The town was historically branded as the get-a-way of choice for beach goers from Washington, D.C. Now, hosts visitors from all over the country, and the world.

Panera Bread, a bakery café, a symbol of warmth and welcome. They are a simple pleasure, honest and genuine.  It is a place where people can have a long lunch with an old friend or have a weekday morning ritual. 


Panera Bread is looking for:


Housing is NOT provided. PLEASE SECURE HOUSING AS SOON AS YOU ARE HIRED. Housing must be secured prior to coming to the United States. Housing will cost from $125/week to $150/week. Housing is very limited and the longer you wait to find housing the less opportunities you will have.


  • Great summer location with many cultural events:
  • Local student center, E Point, has organized trips to numerous locations such as Washington, DC & New York City, sporting events & concerts