2022 - JANUS - C

Premier Aquatics

$12.00/h; overtime $18.00/h

Washington DC area (not more than 50miles away!)

5.25 - 7.01 to 9.05


Lifeguard Training January & March, Poland

OFFERED: $1800 whole work period, $150 deposit


Premier Aquatics is a pool management company that provides complex services (managmenet, lifeguarding and maintenance) to commercial and residential pools (with their over 40 years experience) in the Washington, DC Metro Region.

For more information please visit:
Instagram: premieraquatics
FB: Premier Aquatics


Premier Aquatics is looking for:

  • Lifeguards – $12.00/h (all candidates MUST pass in-country training, the cost is $200. If candidate fails all program and training fees will be refunded!)


– Program discount: -$500 for participants who will start their job no later than 28th of May

+ $250 added to the first paycheck

+ $500 end of season bonus added to the last paycheck (09/23/2022)

+ $150 Lifeguard Training Fee Refund – Must work through and on 9/5/2022


Premier Aquatics provide furnished apartments located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area:

  • 2-4 people per room.
  • The total cost for the whole stay will be $1800
  • Depending on arrival date housing fees will be deducted from paychecks in 4 equal installments.
  • $150 non-refundable security deposit.
  • Housing will be available through out the end of each employee’s DS 2019 form! 
  • Please refer to contract details in the mandatory employer offer details (above).


The perks of working at Premier Aquatics:

  • Great pre-departure discount from employer – $500!
  • Lucrative BONUS!
  • FREE airport pick-up
  • Easy traveling to NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC on days off
  • Lots of fun activities in metropolitan area (amusement parks, museums, shopping etc)!
  • Premier Aquatics organizes FREE trips, employee events etc.
  • FREE if you pass Lifeguard Training and work through and on 9/5/2022 ($75 value!)
  • Great summer work for all that can swim!
  • Lifeguard Training before arrival so you can start working as soon as you arrive!