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The Kite Loft

fun consulting

Ocean City, MD (close to Washington, D.C. & Philadelphia)

6.01 - 20 to 9.15 - 24

Sales Associate, Kite Flyer

You’ll be working right on the Boardwalk in Ocean City!

NOT PROVIDED (employer helps with leads)


The Kite Loft is one of the largest kite stores in the world. Located on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. At The Kite Loft visitors can find retailing kites, kite accessories, aerial toys, windsocks, banners, yard ornaments and other fun products. The Kite Loft also hosts world wide kiting events annually.

Ocean City, MD extends just over 9 miles (15km) from the southern inlet to the Delaware line. The “strip” supports hotels, motels, apartment houses, shopping centers, residential communities, and condominiums. The southern tip houses the Ocean City Boardwalk, the main shipping district and entertainment area of town! The Boardwalk is home to many exciting businesses including The Kite Loft and two amusement parks! Ocean City is a fun filled place to spend your time in the United States! O Find more information on Ocean City here.


The Kite Loft is looking for:

  • Sales Associate – $10.10/h
  • Kite Flyer – $10.10/h


 Very important – housing must be secured prior to coming to the United States. Housing will cost from $125/week to $150/week. Housing is very limited and the longer you wait to find housing, the more expensive it will become with less
opportunities to even find housing. Housing is very limited and you should plan early to secure it prior to your arrival
– students have had to be relocated in the past that could not find housing. Please reach out to your employer for
assistance. If you are traveling alone or with only a few in your group, please reach out to your employer to help group students together for the same location and help locate housing and split the cost.


  • Spend your summer outdoors
  • Great tourist location
  • You’ll be working right on the Boardwalk in Ocean City!
  • Learn all about kites and kite flying in a FUN work environment!
  • Second jobs available