CIEE III.17 (Warsaw)

Glacier National Park

$8.65 - 10.00/h, depends on location

Glacier National Park, Montana, 5 different locations/resorts

5.25-6.15 to 9.15-25

Housekeeper, Dishwasher, Front Desk Associate and more.....

Enjoy outdoor activities- hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing

OFFERED: $30-70/week, depends on location


If you love nature, hiking, camping and enjoy the outdoors then Glacier National Park is for you! In GNP you will have access to hundreds of miles of hiking trails, mountains, rivers, wildlife, geysers, hot springs and more…


Glacier National Park Resorts are looking for:

  • Housekeeper – $9.00-10.00/h (depends on location)
  • Dishwasher – $10.00/h
  • Dining Room Attendant – $8.65/h
  • Housekeeping-Porter – $9.00-10.00/h (depends on location)
  • Retail Associate – $9.00-10.00/h (depends on location)
  • Barista Attendant – $8.65/h
  • Employee Dining Room Att. – $10.00/h
  • Front Desk Associate – $9.00/h
  • Housekeeping Dorm Att. – $9.00/h
  • Laundry Attendant – $9.00/h
  • Barista – $10.00/h
  • Bellperson – $9.00/h
  • Sandwich Shop Att. – $10.00/h


Housing if offered, depends on location the cost will be from $30 to $70.00 per week (please see mandatory details). Employees live in shared cabins, stationary trailer homes, or small dorm facilities. Housing is mostly basic and rustic. Employees should expect 1-3 roommates. Rooms typically include single-size beds (some have bunk beds). Linens, blanket and pillow are provided. Each housing unit is equipped with basic furniture, kitchen utensils, pots/pans. Accommodations do not have TV, air conditioning, or telephone. Employees share restroom and shower facilities. Limited, low bandwidth Wi-Fi is available to employees – daily usage is limited by password (connectivity is much different than home).


  • Depends on employer: free laundry, full meal plan or food discouts are provided
  • Employees enjoy access into the park, holiday celebrations, movies and games, BBQs, ice cream socials, photo contests and much more!
  • Enjoy the outdoors- hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing