Here you will find basic information about our company and the Work and Travel USA program in English. If you request more details- contact us!


Our aim is to help young international individuals to gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in today’s interdependent and culturally diverse world and offer them a wide variety of international educational and work program.
In 1997 BTC started offering the Work and Travel USA Program which gives university students the unique opportunity to combine paid work with traveling in the US. Thanks to our success the Work and Travel USA Program has become our core product and we have managed to open up offices in Poland’s major cities, this allows us to be closer to youth – our main client. We interview, recruit and orient participants from Poland’s finest schools and universities.
With time we have expanded our services and now also provide work, training and study opportunities in other parts of the world (Europe, Canada, Australia etc.)
We are one of the leading companies on the Polish market and we have a great reputation among our clientele and our partners.


The Work and Travel USA Program is a unique and exciting way for international students to experience the American way of life, while earning money to cover living expenses. Students from various countries have the opportunity to work in the US during their summer vacation (within college summer breaks). Work is generally seasonal and primarily offered in the tourism industry – hotels, amusement parks, resorts, restaurants, pools etc.


The Work and Travel USA program:

  • allows eligible students to work in the USA for a maximum of 4 months (between May 25 and September 30)
  • obliges eligible students to register in SEVIS (Department of State system)
  • allows eligible students to undertake additional work, but must get sponsor approval
  • allows eligible students to travel during days off and at the end of their working period for up to a maximum of 25-30 days, BUT student must return to Poland for the start of the academic year – October 1.
  • obliges eligible students to keep the primary job if job terms are kept
  • allows eligible students to travel outside US borders, but only within DS-2019 dates.
  • obliges eligible students to do monthly check-ins per sponsor instructions
  • allows to improve English skills due to an English speaking living and working environment
  • obliges eligible students to return to home country within program dates


If you meet all the below terms then you are eligible for the Work and Travel USA program:

  • a current or about to graduate university student with a valid student ID and current grades
  • foreign students must have valid visas and/or „karta pobytu” valid min. until October 1
  • age between 18 – 26/31 (each sponsor has their own age limit)
  • minimum communicative English speaking skills
  • passport valid minimum until 6 months after return from the program


BTC works ONLY with the best sponsor organizations: CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange: www.ciee.org) and GE (Greenheart Exchange: www.greenheart.org).

These sponsors are legitimate entities which have been designated by the U.S. State Department to administer the J-1 visa Work and Travel Program. The program sponsors, help oversees students to prepare for this experience, obtain all necessary work documents (especially DS 2019 form), and provide supervision and emergency backup service throughout the program – they are „with you on the program”.

In relation to program regulations participants are allowed to work legally in the U.S. on the basis of the following documents:
Job Offer Form – contract signed between Work and Travel participant and American employer and starting this year the sponsor organization. Employment dates MUST be compatible with program regulations.

DS 2019 form – document that permits participants to work legally in the U.S. Work and Travel USA participants may only work between the dates shown in box 3 on the DS 2019. This document will be provided along with a J-1 visa. Working outside of dates printed in DS 2019 form is ILLEGAL.

J-1 visa – visa that enables Work and Travel participants to work and travel in the U.S. in relation to program regulations and DS 2019 conditions.

Social Security Number – number used by the government to track tax payments. This is a crucial form of identification. You are not allowed to work legally without this number, therefore upon arrival it is mandatory to find the closest Social Security Office in your city and start the procedure.

As a Participant of the Work and Travel Program you are also obligated to register with SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) within 5 days of your arrival. This system has been set up by the government in an effort to keep track of all J-1 participants.
Important links related to the above information: www.ciee.org, www.greenheart.org, www.ssa.gov, www.mysevis.com


A – Independent

The independent option gives you the opportunity to arrange employment through your own sources (friends, past experiences etc.). The only thing your future employer will need to do before your arrival is to fill out the Job Offer Form, provide a copy of the Business License and Worker’s Compensation and confirm this employment with the sponsor . While on the Program the sponsor organization will monitor your whereabouts and any employment change must be first consulted with them.

This option is designed for those who:

  • would like to find employment at a specific time and in an individually chosen location,
  • are able to arrange employers through own existing sources (friends, own research, contacts. etc.)

There are earlier deadlines for submitting proper paperwork in this option.

B- Placement

CIEE/GE offer a full service Program with a work placement. Recruitment is generally done online/skype interviews (Virtual Fairs) and this year CIEE offers a new service – CIEE CONNECT

Virtual Fairs usually occur in February and March, but are not limited to these months. Most often these events take place in Warsaw. This is a great opportunity to meet the employers face-to-face, discuss everything in detail and ask all the questions that come to mind. It is a less stressful and more laid back form of recruitment. Only enrolled participants can participate in these events so therefore it is recommended to sign up for the Program in advance and get acquainted with current offers. BTC does not enroll more participants then the specified number needed  therefore sometimes the offers fill up very quickly.
If the employers do not travel to Poland personally, you can still get a job with a company through Virtual Interview events. This is more flexible as you do not have to travel to a specific city and just go through an interview even from your home. BTC will schedule a proper day and time for your Interview and this way you will get an opportunity to introduce yourself to your potential employer via webcam. The interviews usually take about 5-10 minutes and are very effective. This is a fast and easy way to hold your interviews.


This option is designed for those who:

  • would like to work with other English speaking international Work and Travel participants recruited in many different countries,
  • would like to work in companies such as amusement parks, resorts, hotels etc
  • are willing to work for at least 3 – 4 months,
  • are looking for an employer that provides housing or helps with arranging it
  • would like to travel with a larger group of friends (even 5-10 person groups are possible- depending on employer).




Application Fee

1590 PLN
(1790 PLN after 1.01.2024, 1990 PLN after 1.03.2024)

I WAT program installment

600 USD

II WAT program installment

399 USD

899 USD

1099 USD

Flight Ticket

on final destination and flight date

Costs include:

  • Reservational, administrative and organizational fees, which enable student to participate in the Work and Travel USA Program,
  • DS 2019 form which is essential to obtain a J-1 visa,
  • Hiring Events (option B) such as: Job Fair, Virtual Interviews,
  • Up to 5 month insurance plan – CIEE, up to 4 month insurance plan GE
  • Essential documents, information materials and Participant Packet in English,
  • An English orientation training before departure to the US,
  • 24h CIEE/GE assistance and support in case of emergencies in the US,
  • Airplane ticket fee. Ticket fee is dependent on the departure date to the US and the arrival city to the US. The total ticket fee for flights on the same day and to the same destinations will be the same (will not be dependent on the carrier) and will be provided to the Client no later than 2-3 weeks before planned departure.

Costs do not include:

  • The J-1 visa fee – an equivalence of 185 USD,
  • SEVIS fee – 35 USD
  • Transportation to the work place,
  • Living costs in the US,
  • Your pocket-money of at least 900 USD to support yourself in the US until you get your first paycheck.


  • BTC is one of the leading companies at the field of Work and Travel USA services,
  • Up to this moment we have sent over 20 000 students to work and travel in the US. Our commitment, experience and wide range of products have met with satisfacion of our clients,
  • Wide spectrum of job options – BTC offers different job options that will satisfy even the most demanding clients and will meet their individual needs with approval.
  • Our aim is to focus on cooperation only with chosen solid companies that are familiar with Work and Travel rules and regulations. BTC offers jobs in various chains of well known hotels, resorts, amusement parks, restaurants, department stores, amusement parks, fast-food and pool companies. On the basis of our experience, we can assure that each participant will find appropriate job offer that will meet individual expectations and will be adequately combined with qualifications.
  • In the cooperation with CIEE/GE, BTC holds the responsibility to organize one of the biggest events that merge English employers’ demands and students’ needs.
  • The best program Sponsors – CIEE, GE
  • Professionalism – BTC strives to serve its clients and partners with top quality, effectiveness and smiles!
  • Pricing – our prices are very competitive on the Work and Travel USA market,

Enrollment documents to download:

Work and Travel USA Enrollment Form
Work and Travel USA Agreement CIEE/GE (option A and B)