CIEE III.19 (Warsaw)

Kings Dominion

Amusement Park

Doswell, VA (30 min. from Richmond)

6.07 - 7.01 to 9.08 - 22 (min. 12 weeks)

Ride Operator, Lifequard, Sales Associate-Merchandise

FREE, unlimited access to Kings Dominion and WaterWorks!

OFFERED: $52/week, deposit $150


Kings Dominion is one of the premiere regional amusement parks in the US with world-class collection of roller coasters and over 20 acres of water park! This  is a great place to work and play! More than 3000 students from across the World have participated in international employment program since 1999 here. One of the things Kings Dominium is best at is making sure their students have a GREAT experience.

Doswell is located only 30 minutes away from the capital of Virginia, Richmond. Doswell is a very small city and its downtown has just one small store, a few hotels and a gas station. Doswell is home to the Virginia State Fair which is held annually at the end of September.


At Kings Dominium you can expect to get one of the following positions:

  • Ride Operator- $9.25/h
  • Sales Associate-Merchandise – $8.00/h
  • Lifeguards – $9.00/h


Kings Dominium offers dormitory style, within a few minutes walk to the work site. Four students per room, non co-ed housing. The housing cost is $52/week.

Kings Dominion does not provide pots, pans, plates, cups or eating utensils. Employees will need to furnish their
own cooking equipment.

IMPORTANT: Students may not check into housing more than 24 hours prior to their job start date.


The perks of working at Kings Dominium:

  • FREE employee bus to local shopping areas, movie theatres, and downtown Richmond
  • FREE, unlimited access to Kings Dominion and the water park,
  • Discounts on park merchandise
  • Special employee events like picnic days, parties, bingo and sporting events
  • Employer organizes day trips to some of the top east coast attractions like Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Niagara Falls and New York City for a minimal cost!