2023 - CIEE (online)

Atlantic Sands Hotel


Rehoboth Beach, DE, 45 min. from Ocean City, 2h from Philadelphia,  2,5h from Washington DC, Atlantic City

5.25 - 6.01 to 9.15 - 30


Fun beach town with many J1 students


The Atlantic Sands Hotel and Conference Center is located just feet from the white sands of one of the cleanest beaches in America, the Atlantic Sands Hotel is the perfect place for enjoying not only the beach, but the boutiques and nightlife of the treasured resort town of Rehoboth Beach. 

Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful, small town on the East Coast. With beautiful weather year-round, great restaurants, and tax-free shopping, visitors from around the world come to Rehoboth Beach. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Beach is located just 2 hours from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia


At Atlantic Sands Hotel you can expect to get the following position:


Very important – housing must be secured prior to coming to the United States. Housing will cost from $125/week to $150/week.
Housing is very limited and the longer you wait to find housing, the more expensive it will become with less opportunities to even find housing.


The perks of working at Atlantic Sands Hotel:

  • There is a heavy J-1 population  and numerous groups that support and sponsor events, meals and trips so you will have a lot of fun! Please visit www.j1rehoboth.com,  www.ocstudentcenter.com.
  • Great beach resort area!
  • Just a few hours from Washington, D.C. & Philadelphia!
  • Tax free shopping!