2022 - CIEE (I.19 online)

Morey’s Piers

Amusement Park
$13.50/h, $5.13/h tipped - DODATKOWE MIEJSCA!!!

Wildwood, NJ, close to NYC and DC

5.25 - 6.16 to 9.06-26 (min. 12 weeks)

Game Operator, Admissions, Food Services, Lifequards and more ...

FREE use of park on days off

OFFERED: varies, plan on around $135/week, deposit $200

Morey’s Piers is a family-owned business with 3 amusement piers and 2 waterparks. Located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, with overview to beaches and Atlantic Ocean. Everything in town is within walking distance of accommodations and work. Last year Morey’s Piers hired employees from more than 25 different countries and all over the US Employees should work hard but Morey’s Piers’s goal is to have fun doing it!


At Morey’s Piers you can expect to get one of the following positions:

All students interviewing for Morey’s Piers MUST complete the following steps BEFORE the event: 1) Review the two documents attached (What Happens Next – 2022 and 2022 Summer Program) 2) Watch the Morey’s Piers video (https://youtu.be/GkB394ogum8)


Morey’s Piers offers dormitory style. Housing can most accurately be compared to college/university dormitory. The types of accommodations are typically apartments (flats) and rooming houses. Some co-ed housing is available. The housing cost plan is around $110 – 135/week.


The perks of working at Morey’s Piers:

  • BONUS – up to $1.50 for every hour you work, performance based, provided you work through your commitment date.
  • Employer organizes trips to nearby cities for site seeing, shopping, concerts, etc.
  • Morey’s Piers organizes group activities such as barbeques, themed parties, sporting competitions, etc.
  • No need for public transportation – walk to housing, work, grocery, shopping & entertainment
  • Internet access available on-site
  • Bus trips for a reasonable fee to New York City, Washington DC and Niagara Falls!
  • Opportunities for cultural exchange and interaction with local community members!
  • Discounted Meals at worksite
  • Second jobs are allowed