2023 - CIEE (online)

Myrtle Waves

Water Park

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (beach town resort)

5.25 - 6.20 to 9.04 - 30



OFFERED: $100/week, deposit $200

Myrtle Waves is South Carolina’s largest water park located in Myrtle Beach, SC, with 23 slides and attractions for all ages, and 1.2 million gallons of water. Myrtle Waves Water Park has 20 acres of swerves, curves, waves, chutes and over one million gallons of water. Their full operating calendar is located on the Park information page of this website. But generally they are open Mid May till Mid September. Myrtle Waves has been a part of creating family memories for years and they hope to make that possible for their community as well as the many visitors that travel to Myrtle Beach each season.


Myrtle Waves is looking for:


Housing provided, cost is $125/week. For more details please read job informations.


The perks of working at Myrtle Waves:

  • Myrtle Waves hosts the annual Exchange Visitor Day the first Monday in August
  • All Exchange Visitors working in Myrtle Beach can gather for a free day at the water park
  • Employer provides free lunch.
  • Nearby housing provided! Bike to work.
  • Spend days working by the pool, and days off lounging at the beach!
  • Great pay, plenty of hours, and second job opportunities at Broadway Grand Prix!​