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Nathan’s Famous


Brooklyn, (Coney Island in NYC!)

5.25 - 6.26 to 8.19 - 09.25

Fast Food Service Worker

Enjoy all New York City has to offer!



Nathan’s Famous ( has been present in Brooklyn, Coney Island for 101 years now. Nathan’s fast food restaurant (focused initially on a hot dog menu) is so famous that it is one of the tourist spots for travellers from all over the world… especially at it’s original location! Every American knows what a Nathan’s hot dog is!

The beachside restaurant continues to sell hot dogs to tourists and locals alike 24/7! It’s convenient location causes that the restaurant is practically constantly busy! On July 4th be a part of the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest- it has been held at the original location on Coney Island since the 1970s. Contestants eat as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes. Joey Chestnut holds the record with 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes in 2017!

This employer is located in the heart of New York so you can explore the city everyday and live like a real Newyorker for up to 4 months! Take advantage of everything the city has to offer, during the summer there are plenty of free opportunities just waiting for you!

See what you can participate in while living in NYC and visit the top sites with local must see atrractions!


At Nathans Famous you will work as a:

  • Fast Food Service Worker – $15.00/h ($2.00 more than in 2018!)

This is a union job so employees are expected to pay union dues.
Dues are $7.62/week if you work less than 30 hours.
Dues are $8.08/week if you work more than 30 hours.

Please read full job details provided in the mandatory materials.


Nathan’s Famous does not provide housing but they do have a list of housing options nearby. Housing is very dependent on the location and amount of people sharing, be prepared to spend from $500 – 630 per month. Please remember, it is the responsibility of the student to research and secure housing at least 3 weeks BEFORE arriving in the US.


The perks of working at Nathan’s Famous:

  • 1 FREE employee meal per shift!
  • uniform shirts and hats provided for FREE!
  • Spend the summer working and living in NYC! Plenty of fun, summer, tourist activities available!