2024 - CIEE (online)

Twin Orchard Country Club

country club
$15.00/h; 1 MIEJSCE!

Long Grove, Illinois (approx. 30 miles northwest of Chicago)

5.25-6.15 to 8.31-9.07

Server/Banquet Server

There is no opportunity to work a second job. Students cannot smoke on breaks when working.

provided, FREE of charges! $250 deposit

Twin Orchard Country Club is located in Long Grove, IL, approximately 30 miles northwest of Chicago. They are primarily a golf and dining club, but also offer tennis, a great pool, and may other amenities to our members.  Twin Orchard Country Club takes great pride in its reputation for food service quality and presentation.

Employer provides transportation to local train stations when available for participants to travel to Chicago and see all the dining, museums, sports, shopping, nightlife and other cultural activities that are available there.  There are multiple restaurants and bars within walking distance from the housing site.


Twin Orchard Country Club is looking for:

BONUS – Students are eligible to receive an end of season bonus based on performance and fulfilling their contracted arrival and departure dates


Employer provides on site dorm housing. There are wings for both male & female with separate bathrooms and showers. There are laundry facilities within the dorm. The dorms are two to each room. There are 20 dorm rooms total. They are neat, clean, secure and have their own entrance. Only dorm residents are permitted in the dorms. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR HOUSING.


The other perks of working at Twin Orchard Country Club:

  • Employer organizes outings to amusement parks or baseball games!
  • Interact with locals on a daily basis!
  • Holiday events at work such as Memorial Day and Labor Day picnics, and 4th of July fireworks!
  • Just 30 miles from Chicago- the city is easily accessible by train!
  • FREE Housing and meals are provided!
  • Company hires couples and groups up to 4!