04.08.2024 - CIEE (online)

Yellowstone Xanterra

National Park
$8.00/h tipped; $14.25/h non-tipped

Wyoming State

5.28 - 6.25 to 9.05 - 30 (min. 10 weeks)

Hospitality Crew, Server Assistant, Gift Shop Worker


OFFERED: $110/week, no deposit!

If you love nature, hiking, camping and enjoy the outdoors then Yellowstone National Park is for you! In Yellowstone you will have access to hundreds of miles of hiking trails, mountains, rivers, wildlife, geysers, hot springs and more!

Xanterra Parks and Resorts is USA’s largest park and resort-management company.


Yellowstone hires for many different job types. Most of the J-1 students however will be offered Hospitality Crew positions and only upon arrival and based on the employer’s needs, they will be placed into specific jobs:



Dorms house 2 to 3 employees per room with a community bathroom down the hall. Quiet hours in all employee housing are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., but there are some dorms which are fulltime quiet dorms. All employees must be respectful of other residents regardless of what time of day it is, and continued or excessive dorm issues can result in documentation up to and including termination from your job. Please expect to share a room with other Yellowstone employees, you may not get to room with your friends if there isn’t a room available to accommodate you when you arrive.

There is a manager on site with Residence Coordinators at each dormitory and security officers available 24 hours. Amenities include: laundry facilities, uniforms, utilities, blankets, and sheets. Please bring your own towel and pillow. Room & board costs are based on HOURS WORKED, not per day. At 56+ hours over two weeks, you will pay the full amount for a 2 week pay period – about $220.00 plus taxes (about $110/week). Less than 56 hours for two weeks, you are prorated on housing & food costs. **This price is from the 2023 season and could change for 2024** 



  • FREE laundry facilities available for employees!
  • many employee activities offered! (look below)
  • The estimated weekly wage is $456
  • Housing and three meals per day cost just $110 per week
  • Gift shops, hotel, and food operations offer employee discounts.


Each village in Yellowstone National Park offers different types of activities. All villages post information on what type of activities are happening in the current week (movie nights, shopping trips, hikes, boating, talent shows, competitions, rodeos, volunteer activities etc). Students can sign up for interesting seminars on different topics related to the park. 


  • There is a mandatory deduction for the medical clinics of about $1.10 per day and all seasonal employees must pay this even if they have insurance. It allows for reduced rates at all Park clinics.
  • Students should fly into Bozeman, Montana and they will need to spend 1 night at Holiday Inn Bozeman or Best Western Plus GranTree Inn. Students can get a free hotel shuttle to the hotel and get a room for $75-100 a night. A taxi may cost around $35. Please make your hotel arrangements no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival. There is a list of other hotels offering discounted rates ($65-$80) on www.yellowstonejobs.com. Students will be picked up by the employer on Tuesday and Thursday ONLY. There are 2 pick-up locations in Bozeman:

                    – 7:15am at the Bozeman/Belgrade Bus Station

                    – 7:30am at the Holiday Inn Bozeman.

  • There is NO public transportation from Bozeman to Yellowstone. Keep this in mind, when making your travel plans.